Time heals all wounds.


In fact a lot of time can pass, maybe even years, and the wound still remains.

You must do the work to heal it. I am talking about two kinds of wounds here beauty.

1. The wound from the divorce or breakup

2. The wounds from your past be it with family, friends, or past relationships

Only when you give care, attention and work to healing these two kinds of wounds will you actually have the chance of having success in love. With yourself and others.

In fact so many women get infatuated with a new man post divorce. Of course he feels like a drink of fresh water in a desert. Anyone would after coming out of a broken marriage. He might even really be a great guy or your true life partner. BUT I can guarantee if you don’t do the work your love wounds will rear their ugly head. Either through sabotage generated from yourself, or through realizing the new man is actually the same as the last in a different body.

I think the scariest thing of all is time passing and nothing actually changing. There is nothing more empowering to a woman in the middle of a divorce or breakup to take ownership. You can blame him all you want but YOU are the common denominator.

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It all starts with you,