Ah the day filled with so much pressure. If you are single or divorced you feel sad you have no one to share it with. If you are coupled you feel sad that your significant other didn’t read your mind.

I’ve spent many a Valentines Day disappointed. Mostly because I put so much pressure on my partner with unrealistic expectations they could never live up to. Most of this stemmed from my source of love not being in the right place.

We put so much pressure on love. When we don’t have it we want it, when we have it we find all the fault with it. I’ve spend more lonely Valentines in relationship than out.

Truth is someone else can never be your source of love. Yes a partner can be a delicious delightful thing. When we are with out we tend to look around and see what others have that we are missing  and feel it is out of our reach.

Truth is all the love we need is right there inside of us. We can generate the feeling at any time. God is the source of love and God is right inside of us. We love because he first loved us. This may sound wishy washy but it’s true. Only when we are feeling that love from with in and our security stems from something unshakable does true love ever have a chance to thrive or even come in the first place. We can easily squash it with our expectations and fears if the source of it is in another person.

Truth is when a man feels that our happiness is dependent on what he does and he can’t fix it he feels like a failure. He usually stops trying then, and we complain more about what he isn’t doing.

So today if you are coupled or uncoupled I invite you to find your source of love from within. Let your man off the hook, or let your future man off the hook. Maybe then you can enjoy today and look for all the love that is already evident in your life. Then he can actually show up and enjoy you, or you can draw it to yourself faster.

I’m sending out an exercise today to my subscribers to find that feeling of love right within themselves and start to generate it from the inside out. I would love for you to get it too Here.

You are loved,


Love Amanda