Palm Trees are pretty awesome. Did you know they can bounce back? It is easy to look at the palm trees and think how frail they are. Especially the ones here in California they are so tall and skinny. But I have noticed in some of the “weather” we have been having here in Santa Barbara even when the wind is so strong they don’t break.

In fact in a hurricane they can be bent down almost to the ground for as much as 5 hours and the tree can bounce back, not only to it’s original shape but with a STRONGER root system.

Are you in a life storm right now? Lord knows I am. I have never been someone who quits. I have bounced back many of times. This is no different. You have to go through storms some times to strengthen your root system and develop tenacity for life.  Peoples storms can look very different, from divorce, death, financial hardship,  to health problems, what ever it is …….you can bounce back.

The majority of it is is our mindset and a ferocious commitment to not give up. Feel it, stand up, shake it off and move on.

Sometimes these storms happen to push us exactly towards where we are meant to go. Don’t give up.  Don’t make excuses. Don’t blame.

Take the lesson, plant your roots, and bounce back.

If you need support navigating a life storm right now I am here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at . When you are in the middle of it it helps to have someone who understands. Divorce, heartbreak and life setbacks can be devastating. Let’s start to shift your mindset so you can bounce back stronger than before.

You are loved,